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When you’re looking to expand your outdoor living area but are limited by space or dealing with uneven or sloped surfaces, pedestal systems are the solution. Opening a world of fresh new design ideas, these adjustable pedestals can turn the impossible into opportunities. Suddenly that rooftop deck, even on a sloped roof is possible. Now you can construct that energy-efficient green roof you’ve always dreamed of with our pedestal roof systems. Dealing with a sloped or uneven patio? Adjustable pedestals can help you construct a level raised surface for you to create your dream outdoor living space whether it be an elevated patio, multi-level patio, a porcelain deck or useful raised flooring. Suddenly, no location is off-limits or wasted space when it comes to expanding your outdoor living area. Maximize your unused space, enjoy it more and improve the value of your home with the help of pedestal systems.

How to Build a Deck using Canadian Pedestal Systems

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Patio Pedestal Systems

Raised patio pedestal systems make it easy to create the space you want, where you want. Suitable for both contractors and DIY’ers, these systems are straightforward, comprising of only a handful of elements including adjustable pedestal heads, which can reach a slope of up to 5%. Not limited to new builds, adjustable pedestals can be brought in to address uneven surfaces or slopes on projects already underway. Durable and weather-resistant, pedestals are not subject to the freeze & thaw cycles that impact the alternatives. When surfaced with natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, your raised patio will not shift in the spring, remaining level year after year, remaining maintenance-free. Raised outdoor flooring constructed with a pedestal system offers additional advantages including easy access to electrical and plumbing that is hidden underneath, impressive load-bearing strength, quick water drainage for improved safety and the ability to remove an individual tile if required.

Learn About Flooring Surfaces From the Experts

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Rooftop Decking Systems

When space is in short supply, these Rooftop deck systems enable you to gain additional usable living space, even above your home. These innovative roof systems can help you to build a stunning rooftop deck, making the most of your existing space while adding beautiful views to your outdoor experience. Customizing options are nearly unlimited, and elevated roof decking can be covered with a wide range of surface materials for the ultimate in design freedom. Pedestals are the ideal way to create a rooftop garden or a green roof for your home, adding additional insulating properties and making your home more energy-efficient in the process.


Backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty, Envirospec PAVE-EL Pedestals have been used for more than 40 years with NO product failures. They are solid, durable, maintenance-free and eco-friendly.

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Bison Innovative Products

Adding architectural charm to your projects, the Bison Pedestal System can be installed over top of any structural surface, wherever sophisticated, commercial-grade decking is desired to create memorable rooftop living spaces.

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Eterno Ivica

From stunning rooftop patios to functional raised floors, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System can be utilized in a variety of applications and challenging situations, helping you build what you want, where you want.

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Uptec by Profilitec

Using only three simple elements, the versatile Uptec Pedestal System will help you overcome any raised flooring or inclined surface challenge effortlessly; creating unique outdoor spaces wherever raised floors are ideal.

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Inspiration Gallery

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I’d like to make my home more energy-efficient. Can I use pedestals to create a green roof?2021-09-06T09:31:02-04:00

Pedestal systems can certainly help you to create a natural green roof, keeping your home cool and energy-efficient.

My concrete patio is sloped. Can pedestals help me to build a better entertaining space?2021-09-06T09:30:44-04:00

Pedestal systems are the perfect tool to transform that sloped patio into a useful and attractive entertaining space. Using pedestals to create a level, raised surface, you’ll create space underneath to disguise plumbing and electrical systems, and you’ll have the ability to surface your new raised floor with any covering you’d like including beautiful porcelain tile or natural stone.

I don’t have a flat roof? Can I build a rooftop patio above my garage?2021-09-06T09:30:28-04:00

We offer a variety of pedestal systems that can help you to build a rooftop patio over your garage, even when your roof is sloped.

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