Whether for business or residential, outdoors or in, a raised floor built with the help of a pedestal system may be the ideal decision. While the concept has been around since the first century, modern innovation has made this technology more useful than ever before. 

A pedestal flooring system consists of panels, tiles or other floor coverings supported by pedestals. The inherent nature of a pedestal system allows for extra space below the floor. This space can be used to keep plumbing, electrical, cabling, or other conduits safely out of sight while offering quick & easy access when required. 

Here are five advantages of using a pedestal system for indoor and outdoor builds. 

  1. Keep Wires & Plumbing Concealed

The clutter created by excessive wires and cords in a home, office or facility can be an eyesore. A raised floor system built with pedestals has enough space below the tiles to house these tech items out of sight. A raised floor can disguise electrical and plumbing in the yard, especially around the pool or patio. Ridding the space of all the wires and pipes will give your home or business an immediate increase in aesthetic value.

  1. Simple Changes & Repairs

Unlike a regular floor, any tile damage or breakage can be fixed without having to replace the whole area. A standard floor might need an entire area replaced if a piece is damaged, but this system can replace a single tile without much trouble or money spent.

  1. Easy Maintenance

To manage a complex system of servers, outdoor plumbing and other crucial systems, you must have access to them at any given time. A pedestal system provides a hassle-free solution to maintain all the technology and equipment below the floor in an organized and labelled fashion so they are easily found.

  1. 4. Temperature Control

In the office, air conditioning can be supplied through the floor, resulting in an increased airflow that cools the area more quickly and economically. This helps to prevent the room’s equipment from becoming overheated. Outside, a pedestal system is a great way to integrate a heating system into your patio or around the hot tub, helping reduce snow-removal chores or to extend the season.

  1. Versatile Design

Another great aspect of a pedestal flooring system is that it can be surfaced with almost anything. You can reap all the advantages of a pedestal system while enjoying indoor or outdoor floors made of wood, tile, turf, carpet or porcelain. You won’t have to compromise style to reap this system’s benefits.

These benefits of using a pedestal system for your indoor and outdoor raised floors are just the beginning. To learn more about whether a pedestal system is right for your raised flooring project or to discover how much time, labour and money you’ll save in the process, Canadian Pedestal Systems can help!