As your source for all things related to pedestal systems, Canadian Pedestal Systems strives to bring you expert advice on all your hardscaping projects. We reached out to Danny Kroll of PAVE-EL for his thoughts about the benefits of the PAVE-EL pedestal system and its applications.  

Have you ever thought about making use of that flat roof over your garage? Or beautifying a small terrace to create a luxurious relaxation area? Do you have a flat roof that is not being used?

Would you like to create an outdoor people-place using an adjustable pedestal system to support a rooftop patio? It can be easy to build, and the roof pedestal system can protect your roof waterproofing system from the elements. Where to start? First, flat roofs aren’t actually flat as they have a slope to allow water to exit the roof. Do you mind maintaining/keeping this slope on your patio, or would you like to correct the slope and create a level patio?

Searching for rooftop patios on google will produce a variety of results. The traditional method of creating a patio using crushed limestone does not create a long-lasting flat patio. Water mixes with the limestone and freezes in cold temperatures, causing the stone and pavers to shift. Standing water also freezes, causing slippery situations. This method does not allow easy drainage for rainwater to evacuate a rooftop area.

Screwjack pedestals are another form of rooftop levelling support that works well for patios that require being raised 12” or more. This style is costly, and installation is cumbersome with lasers and special tools required. Screwjack-style pedestals usually involve multiple boxes being assembled on a rooftop-not ideal.

You may come upon PAVE-EL Pedestals in your search for creating a rooftop patio. PAVE-EL is a low-cost, easy to install, long-lasting solution for creating rooftop patios. PAVE-EL can correct slopes up to 5% by stacking a combination of PAVE-EL pedestals and 1/8” levelling plates and creating a level Pedestal Rooftop Patio. PAVE-EL Pedestal system and screwjack-style pedestals allow for excellent drainage to keep your roof dry. Pavers installed on rooftops extend the life of the membrane and other waterproof systems by protecting these surfaces from UV as well as wind and extreme temperatures.   Be sure to choose roofing products that have been tested over time. PAVE-EL Pedestals come with a 20-year warranty and have been used for over 40 years with zero product failures.

PAVE-EL Pedestals are favoured by many architects who include PAVE-EL in their projects from the initial planning stages of a rooftop patio project. PAVE-EL is available nationwide.   For more information visit