We’re often asked about the limitations of pedestal systems. After all, they’re so simple and straightforward that one might easily assume there’s a catch. Most often, we are asked about using pedestals on slopes or inclined surfaces.

Here at Canadian Pedestal Systems, we are delighted to share that pedestals have been designed to accommodate the most complex designs, even those in the tightest of spaces or when dealing with a slope. 

Constructed from recycled high-density polypropylene plastic, pedestals provide great adaptability for the installation of various types of decking, flooring, and roofing. They’re perfect for rooftop decks, balconies, or any outdoor spot that requires an elevated floor, even on a slope. Pedestals can accommodate nearly any decking material, including wood, grating, aluminum, stone, or porcelain.

Adjustable pedestals are specifically designed to support raised floors in a variety of scenarios, and slope correction has always been intended as a key feature. Most adjustable pedestals can accommodate a slope correction of up to 5% wherever required, transforming nearly any slope or uneven spot into a level surface. Pedestals can also be brought into projects already underway to address uneven or inclined surface issues. 

Every raised floor or decking project has unique needs. The adaptability of pedestals means you can use them to level out a slope or to create one for drainage. They are versatile enough to tackle any project with ease, reducing your labour and the expenses associated with it. If your project involves dealing with a slope, you can choose from fixed or self-levelling heads at any spot to create perfectly level floors. 

Our wide selection of quality pedestal systems means we have the solution to any raised floor issue. From adjustable deck supports to extension rings for height adjustments, we can show you how to use pedestals for all your outdoor projects, even those involving a slope. 

Here are a few advantages of using a pedestal system on a sloped surface:

  • Pedestals are a quick, easy and straightforward solution to working with uneven surfaces.
  • Solve problems as they arise, even on the fly – simply adjust the self-levelling head or add a ring.
  • Disguise electrical, plumbing and HVAC services in the area below your now-level raised floor.

In the past, building a deck or patio on a slope has been a challenging task. Pedestal systems will help you overcome uneven or inclined surfaces with ease. Pedestals also offer a variety of other benefits, including:

Versatility: Use pedestals in a variety of locations and with your choice of surface materials.

Safety: When using a pedestal system, water immediately drains between tiles, improving safety and making them ideal around the pool or hot tub.

Strength: The powerful combination of pedestals and porcelain pavers will help you create raised floors with remarkable load-bearing strength.

Durability: Pedestals will not rot or suffer damage from the elements, including harsh UV rays.

Accessibility: Pedestals offer easy access to services hidden below your raised floor.

Flexibility: Simply adjust the pedestal’s height or angle to overcome any levelling challenge.

Simplicity: A pedestal system plus porcelain pavers or other surface material is all you need. Really!


Get perfectly level floors, regardless of what you start with! Use a pedestal system to overcome all your uneven or inclined surface issues. To learn more about the benefits of pedestal systems, visit Canadian Pedestal Systems today!