As spring arrives, melting snow and ice can collect in spots on your patio, making your backyard a messy swamp of puddles. This not only makes your patio less attractive but less usable as well. Nobody wants to put on their rainboots every time they step into their backyard! 


As for winter, frozen water collecting on your patio can be just as annoying. If you’re not equipped with ice skates, walking across your patio will be like traversing across an icy glacier. Your backyard becomes one big slipping hazard! If you want to get rid of standing water and ice on your patio, here are some tips and solutions below. 


Why Does My Patio have Standing Water?


The root cause of standing water is an unleveled patio. If your patio surface is full of elevations and depressions, the low spots can be prone to collecting water. It is no question why these pools of water can be detrimental to your backyard and home. They not only become a breeding ground for insects and mosquitos, but can ruin your patio pavers. Besides, if your backyard is slanted, water can seep towards your house and cause further chaos there! 


Solutions for Standing Water


Say goodbye to slipping on icy patches in the winter and stepping into soggy puddles during the spring. The best solution to fix standing water on your patio is using paver pedestals. The most high-quality but low-cost option that does the job is PAVE-EL Pedestals, which levels and uniformly spaces paver stones. PAVE-EL’s through-drainage and air vet design prevent water entrapment which leads to freeze/thaw damage to pavers and membrane deterioration. By doing so, these pedestals protect the substrates in your patio or any other waterproofed installations, such as roof decks, balconies, and terraces. 


PAVE-EL can correct slopes up to 5% by stacking a combination of pedestals and of 1/8” leveling plates, allowing for excellent drainage. This means that your patio will always be dry, and weather-proofed from the elements. As such, these pedestals help your backyard pavers to extend the life of your patio surface and protects it from snow, and rain, along with UV rays and extreme temperatures. 


Cracking and Uplifted Patio Tiles? 

Did you know? Heat conductance in the summer can cause pavers to expand, and subsequently crack or uplift. An extra benefit of PAVE-EL Pedestals is ensuring air circulation and reducing heat conductance. This keeps tile membranes from expanding on hot days while maintaining their insulation thermal efficiency.


Paver Pedestals for Water Drainage

The method of using a patio leveling system like PAVE-EL fixes both pavers on a slanted surface and uneven patio tiles. This eliminates water from seeping at an angle towards your house or basement and also rids the problem of low spots in your backyard which collect water. An extra advantage is how these pedestals elevate your patio’s elegance, as a leveled backyard is more luxurious to the eye. 


PAVE-EL Pedestals have been tested for over 40 years and with a 20-year warranty, making its quality the industry’s best. PAVE-EL is easy to install with no tools required and is low-cost. 

If you are a designer or homeowner looking for a high-quality and long-lasting paver solution, choose PAVE-EL for your patio project. Visit for more info.