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The uses for pedestal systems are nearly endless. Making the job faster, easier and less expensive, you just might find yourself looking for new applications for them. Here are a few great ideas for how you can utilize a pedestal system to create the space you want, wherever you want. Now, no place is off-limits when upgrading your outdoor living space, even the roof!

Answering your FAQs About Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

If you’ve been researching outdoor porcelain pavers for your next project, you’ve likely encountered a few questions to which you don’t know the answers. That’s why we’re here! In the paragraphs below, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked [...]

How Can Pedestals Help with Slopes?

We’re often asked about the limitations of pedestal systems. After all, they’re so simple and straightforward that one might easily assume there’s a catch. Most often, we are asked about using pedestals on slopes or inclined surfaces. Here at Canadian [...]

How Durable Building Materials Like PAVE-EL are Sustainable

Sustainable building materials are materials that are not only strong and durable but also resource-efficient throughout their lifecycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of their service life. Durable building materials are often considered sustainable due to [...]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Green Roofs

Green roofs are one of the hottest outdoor living trends today. From creating more green space to a place to grow herbs, grass, flowers & vegetables, green roofs offer a variety of benefits. A green roof is eco-friendly and can [...]

Get More from Your Backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen

Versatile, functional and an excellent way to increase your home’s value, an outdoor kitchen should be on your list of home improvement projects. One of the most effective ways to upgrade your home while making the best use of your [...]

Pedestal Decks Are an Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

As we all move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we seek eco-conscious choices in every aspect of our lives. This includes our home improvements and hardscaping projects too. Today’s outdoor living spaces can now be built using sustainable, eco-friendly building [...]

Expert Advice From Danny Kroll of PAVE-EL

As your source for all things related to pedestal systems, Canadian Pedestal Systems strives to bring you expert advice on all your hardscaping projects. We reached out to Danny Kroll of PAVE-EL for his thoughts about the benefits of the [...]

Pedestal System Rooftop Applications

As cities become more densely packed and back yards shrink, outdoor living space has never been so prized. When you don’t have the luxury of building a deck or patio in your yard, pedestal systems make it possible to create [...]

Using Wood Tiles with a Pedestal System

Pedestals systems make the job easier, plain and simple. Offering a variety of benefits, they’ll help you save time, labour and money. Now that you’ve decided on the right pedestal system for your project, it’s time to decide what you’ll [...]

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