The Bison Pedestal System makes it easy to create unique rooftop living spaces. Offering exceptional design flexibility, the Bison modular pedestal deck system enables you to install rooftop decks quickly, without damaging your roof.

This versatile pedestal deck system provides a unique and workable alternative to traditional decking methods and materials, making them a thing of the past. The Bison Pedestal System can be installed over top of any structural surface, whether on rooftop decks, around the pool, in between green roof areas, inside water features or wherever sophisticated, commercial-grade decking is required.

Adding architectural charm to your projects, the Bison Pedestal System opens a world of design possibilities. These systems deliver smart and creative solutions, to create memorable rooftop living spaces.

Bison Pedestal System

The industry leader in the design and manufacture of pedestals and hardwood deck tiles for more than 25 years, the Bison rooftop deck system is unparalleled, offering a wide range of features and benefits.

The Bison Pedestal System is a commercial grade, low-maintenance and long-lasting decking solution. Offering warmth and weather resistance, you can count on its durability for years to come. Always on the cusp of innovation, Bison has engineered the system with patented features devised to improve performance and increase stability while allowing quick installation along sloped surfaces.

Impervious to freeze & thaw cycles, the Bison Pedestal System is ideal for Canadian decks, resisting the shifting and upheaval associated with them. Paired with a durable decking surface like natural stone or porcelain tile, you’ll have a deck that lasts a lifetime.

Constructed with a broad footprint, Bison Pedestals offer exceptional stability on any surface. Installing quickly and securely, the Bison Pedestal System makes it possible to create level rooftop decks, even on sloped surfaces. Boasting impressive load-bearing strength, it can support a variety of surface materials ranging from wood, stone and porcelain to crushed rock, grating, artificial turf and more.

The Bison Pedestal System Consists of Five Major Components

Bison Pedestals

Offering a broad footprint with patented features that improve performance and stability, these USA-manufactured pedestals provide stability to your rooftop project and will support a variety of surface materials including natural stone, wood, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Bison Wood Tiles

Providing warmth and excellent weather resistance, these long-lasting and low-maintenance commercial-grade tiles will add architectural charm to your rooftop deck.

Bison 2cm Pavers

Elevating the aesthetics of your rooftop environment, these are a strikingly beautiful alternative to wood tiles. Available in wood, stone or concrete appearance, their durability is unparalleled. Used with the Bison Paver Tray when installed over top of Bison Pedestals.

Bison Pedestals and Fastening Kits or Splines

Fundamental components of the Bison Rooftop Deck System, these parts are quick to securely install. Recommended when installing Bison Wood Tiles or 2cm Pavers, these pieces allow for the post-installation removal of a single tile or paver if needed.

Bison Paver Tray

Enhancing impact resistance, this is a simple, lightweight paver backing featuring peel & stick adhesive pads which provide added strength to paver surface materials and creates a mess-free bond to the surface paver.

Advantages of Using the Bison Pedestal System

  • The Bison Pedestal System is quick and easy to install, without causing damage to your expensive roofing system.
  • Manufactured in the USA with 20% post-industrial recycled materials.
  • Patented features are designed to improve stability and performance.
  • Can support a variety of surface materials.
  • Custom and special ordered wood tiles can be manufactured to your specific design requirements.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • A stunning and durable alternative to wood.
  • The Bison Pedestal System is ideal for both contractors and DIY’ers.