An ideal solution for your raised flooring projects, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System makes it easy to build up in nearly any location. Whether you’re constructing raised floors, decks, balconies or rooftop patios, the adaptable Eterno Ivica Pedestal System helps you to build what you want, where you want.

Opening a world of new design ideas, these innovative pedestals can be used in a wide range of applications and challenging projects, enabling you to create unique outdoor spaces in a variety of locations with ease.

With the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System, you can now build elevated floors, patios or decks in nearly any location, even in places previously considered unthinkable. Creating nearly unlimited new design ideas, you can now build raised patios with plumbing and electrical hidden underneath or make the most of your space and build a rooftop deck – even on a sloped roof! The sky’s now the limit when it comes to the possibilities unlocked by Eterno Ivica Pedestal System.

Eterno Ivica Pedestal System

The Eterno Ivica Pedestal System can be employed in a wide range of applications and challenging projects and affords a long list of appreciable advantages. From useful raised floors to stunning rooftop patios, now you can build the project you want, where you want whether on unlevel spaces, sloped surfaces or tight spots; unique outdoor living areas can be created with ease.

Not limited to new construction, this adaptable system can be brought in to address uneven surface issues in projects already underway. The system’s self-levelling heads available in a range of heights can adapt to slopes of up to 5%, and together with other elements of the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System including spacers, clips and extension pieces for complete adaptability, you’ll have everything you need to build a perfectly level raised floor, in any space.

Its remarkable load-bearing strength and durability make the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System ideal for supporting heavier, longer-lasting surface materials. Most often used to support natural stone, porcelain, ceramic or pavers, this pedestal system also supports wood or aluminum joints when building more traditional wood decks. Whatever surface covering you choose, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System is tough enough to handle the load.

The Eterno Ivica Pedestal System Consists of Four Major Components

SE Eterno Support – Ideal for any self-supporting paving system, the adjustable SE Eterno Support features a tilting head and offers easy installation.

NM New Maxi Support – Offering a greater variety of features, the New Maxi Support offers better than average tensile strength while its exclusive adjustment key allows for height adjustments even after construction has ended.

SB Basic Support – A great combination of ingenuity and simplicity, the SB Basic Support supports heavy tensile forces while allowing for minute adjustments to create a perfectly level floor.

ST Adjustable Support Star.T – Adaptable to any type of tile, the Star.T is the lowest adjustable support in the world.

Advantages of Using the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System

  • Straightforward and easy to use, even if you’re a DIY’er.
  • Strong enough to surface with natural stone, porcelain tile or other heavy materials.
  • Thermal and weather-resistant for impressive durability.
  • Adaptable and versatile for a variety of projects and locations.
  • Solves issues including uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Allows easy access to electrical and plumbing under the floor.
  • Rainwater quickly drains away, minimizing the risk of slips or falls.
  • Creates new options for projects previously inconceivable.
  • Level floors, regardless of what you start with.
  • Easily shift between fixed and self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors.