It’s never been so easy to transform wasted space into a fabulous new outdoor living area. Envirospec PAVE-EL Pedestal systems offer an easy and cost-effective way to create luxurious patios, decks and raised floors anywhere, even on a sloped roof.

When building elevated floors of any type, whether roof decks, swimming pool decks, raised patios or green roofs, PAVE-EL pedestals make the job easier, quicker and affordable. Elevating, levelling and uniformly spacing your pavers, porcelain or other surface materials while protecting the substrates in waterproofed installations, PAVE-EL Pedestals are making it easy to build in previously unthinkable places.

Exceptionally versatile, PAVE-EL Pedestals are an excellent solution and can be used in a variety of projects and locations. The PAVE-EL elevated pedestal system can be used wherever you want to build a raised floor or rooftop environment.

PAVE-EL Pedestal System

Backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty, Envirospec PAVE-EL Pedestals have been used for more than 40 years with NO product failures. Solid and durable, PAVE-EL Pedestal Systems are weather-resistant and maintenance-free. The system is self-cleaning and ultra-violet stabilized; and is unaffected by sunlight, ozone, humidity or water.

The unique design of PAVE-EL Pedestals allows stacking up to 6” to create limited height adjustment while maintaining maximum stability of your pavers. Building on a slope? This adaptable system can raise your floor to any height you need and overcome incline issues quickly and effortlessly. The PAVE-EL system can correct up to a slope of 5% utilizing custom levelling plates, which can be stacked up to three plates of 1/8” each.

PAVE-EL Pedestals can be installed directly on all types of flat roof surfaces – membrane, foam insulation, bitumen board etc., – and no adhesives or pads are necessary for installation. PAVE-EL is available in four model sizes (4X, 5X, 6X, & 7X), each rated to handle various paver stone sizes and live loads. Pedestals can be easily separated into halves or quarters to accommodate perimeter-edge and corner support, saving you money. Levelling plates compensate for unevenness of substrate or pavers and deck-to-drain slope.

Advantages of Using the PAVE-EL Pedestal System

  • An alternative to screwjack pedestals
  • Strength & durability
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Exceptional load-bearing strength
  • Level floors, even on a slope
  • Easy access to plumbing conduits hidden below
  • Because rainwater drains away quickly, slips & fall risks are minimized
  • Install directly on top of all types of flat roof surfaces
  • Use with a wide range of surface materials
  • No more slippery, uneven surfaces or freeze/thaw damage
  • Stack pedestals to increase the height of your project
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Recommended by Protected Roof Membrane Insulation Manufacturers
  • Recognized and accepted for use by single-ply membrane manufacturers

PAVE-EL Pedestals are trusted by architects of some of the most well-known buildings in North America. From NASA Headquarters and the Smithsonian Institute to the Ontario Legislative Buildings and other public institutions, PAVE-EL has never experienced a single product failure in 40 years.