Raised floors offer plenty of benefits and the Uptec Pedestal System can help you to build them, even in difficult spots! With only three elements, the easy-to-use Uptec Pedestal System helps you to overcome any inclined surface issue or raised flooring challenge effortlessly. Completely versatile, the Uptec Pedestal System helps you create unique outdoor spaces wherever raised floors are ideal, even on a sloped surface.

The Uptec system is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of projects and locations. Use it when building patios and decks, raised outdoor floors or around a swimming pool. Not limited to new builds, this adaptable system can also be brought in to assist projects already in progress when facing issues such as uneven or inclined surfaces. Strong and durable, this system can be used with a variety of surface coverings, whether you’re using natural stone, wooden planks, porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Uptec Pedestal System

Previously, outdoor tile flooring installation was met with issues like moisture infiltration & tile damage. Outdoor floors were built on a slope to drain water, which resulted in uneven surfaces, and accessing what lay underneath was next to impossible. The Uptec Pedestal System eliminates all these problems, making it ideal for creating your dream outdoor space.

The Uptec Pedestal System makes installing raised floors almost effortless. This adaptable system allows you to build to any height you need simply by adding or removing rings to increase or decrease the height of the pedestal. Just switch between fixed or self-levelling heads wherever required to create perfectly level floors. Capable of reaching up to a 5% slope, you’ll enjoy level floors anywhere, regardless of what you start out with.

Not only do Uptec Pedestals make your raised or floating floors look great, but they also offer numerous advantages. Raised flooring is a smart way to disguise piping and electrical systems hidden underneath yet provides easy access to them when needed. Since the system comes with pre-drilled holes, water can drain away quickly, reducing the chance of slips and falls. Offering outstanding load resistance, Uptec Pedestals enable you to use the surface coverings you want, even heavy materials like natural stone or porcelain pavers.

The Uptec Pedestal System Consists of Three Principal Elements

SUPAS – Serving as the base for your raised or floating floor, SUPAS is constructed with pre-cut lines, making it easy to cut when used on corners or perimeters. SUPAS also comes with pre-drilled holes, allowing water to flow out quickly.

SUPAL – This low-height pedestal is ideal for floor heights as low as 28mm.

SUPAR – The Uptec SUPAR rings can be used together with the SUPAS standard support. Use the Uptec SUPAR stackable modular extension rings in combination with the SUPAS standard support. Used them individually, or in multiples to reach the height you want to achieve.

Advantages of Using the Uptec Pedestal System

  • Can be used for standard installations or to accommodate wood or aluminum joists.
  • With only three elements in the system, the Uptec Pedestal System is straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Simply add or remove rings to increase or decrease the pedestal’s height.
  • This system is incredibly versatile. Use it in a variety of outdoor spaces, with a wide range of surface materials.
  • Create raised floors with exceptional load-bearing strength.
  • The system allows rainwater to quickly drain away, improving safety.
  • The Uptec Pedestal System consists of both fixed and self-levelling heads, making it easy to create flat surfaces and build to any height you need.
  • Enlist this adaptable system into projects already underway to solve uneven or inclined surface issues.