As cities become more densely packed and back yards shrink, outdoor living space has never been so prized. When you don’t have the luxury of building a deck or patio in your yard, pedestal systems make it possible to create additional living space on your rooftop.

Thanks to innovations like pedestal systems that make them easier to construct, functional rooftop spaces can add to your home’s usable square footage, creating beautiful spaces to entertain, relax or even grow things. Making better use of the space above your home, pedestal systems are ideal for a variety of rooftop applications.

Rooftop Patios

A rooftop patio can give you additional living space with a dazzling view, making your home the envy of the neighbourhood. When you use pedestals, expensive roofing systems and waterproof membranes are not damaged, preserving the integrity of your roof. The layer of protection offered by a rooftop patio becomes the primary weathering surface that protects the roof, extending its lifespan.

Because nearly all roofs have some slope built into them for water runoff, adjustable pedestals are the ideal solution to create your rooftop space. Pedestals can easily accommodate sloped or uneven surfaces below, creating a perfectly level rooftop patio. Ductwork, recessed lighting, electrical conduits and irrigation can all be channelled underneath in the cavity created by the pedestals.

The versatility of pedestals makes it easy to choose stylish surface coverings for your rooftop patio or deck. Pedestals boast impressive load-bearing strength, allowing you to use even natural stone, wood or porcelain tile, offering nearly unlimited design options.

Keeping things simple? Consider transforming your rooftop into a sundeck. Pedestals and wood tiles can help create a simple outdoor living space where you can simply relax.

Green Roofs

A green roof, sometimes known as a living roof is an excellent way to make the most of unused space while doing something good for both your family and your community. A special kind of rooftop deck, it can become the location of beautiful gardens, and a place to relax while conserving energy. Growing more popular with each passing year, a rooftop garden can decrease your home’s energy consumption while providing a beautiful and versatile outdoor space. Adjustable pedestals and porcelain or wood tiles are key components to constructing a green roof, supporting the heavy weight of soil trays and their contents while creating natural drainage. Pedestal systems are also an ideal way to access the irrigation and drainage systems that lie below, offering easy reach with minimal disruption.

Get Creative with Pedestal Systems

Because pedestal systems and their surface materials are not fastened to the structure, they may offer a way to enhance your living space in places where ‘permanent structures’ are not permitted. This may be the solution you need to enhance your outdoor living space while respecting condo or HOA rules.

Pedestal systems offer a variety of advantages when used to create beautiful spaces to entertain, relax or even grow things. Transform wasted space into a place where people want to gather or relax outdoors while enjoying the view. Pedestal systems can help you to create versatile, unique outdoor spaces anywhere, including on your rooftop. Learn more about How to Use Pedestal Systems for a Rooftop and get busy designing your new rooftop space.