When the space you have is limited, or the spot is sloped or uneven, Pedestal Systems can save the day. Pedestal Systems allow you to build in places that were previously considered unthinkable – on uneven surfaces, on a slope or even on a sloped rooftop. Now no location is off-limits to build your dream outdoor living space. These versatile and adjustable pedestals can help you to build useful raised flooring, elevated decks and patios anywhere you want. When you’re dealing with limited yard space, consider our roof systems to build additional outdoor living areas or perhaps an energy-efficient green roof above your home or garage, even on a sloped roof. Now, nowhere on your property is wasted space. With our Pedestal Systems, you can build what you want, where you want.

Patio Pedestal Systems

Raised Patio Systems are remarkably straightforward to use, making it easy to reimagine your outdoor space and put it to better use. These Pedestal Systems generally comprise of a few simple elements, including adjustable pedestal heads that can reach slopes of up to 5%. Incredibly durable, these systems are weather-resistant, and not subject to freeze & thaw cycles, keeping your space level season after season. From the ability to access plumbing and electrical hidden underneath to the creation of additional outdoor living space, raised patio systems offer countless benefits, including greater enjoyment of your home, and its value increased. Boasting exceptional load-bearing strength, pedestal systems can be covered with a wide variety of surface materials, including natural stone, ceramic & porcelain tile, or support wood or aluminum joists for a more traditional wood surface.


PAVE-EL Pedestal System

It’s never been so easy to transform wasted space into a fabulous new outdoor living area. Envirospec PAVE-EL Pedestal systems offer an easy and cost-effective way to create luxurious patios, decks and raised floors anywhere, even on a sloped roof. When building elevated floors of any type, whether roof decks, swimming pool decks, raised patios or green roofs, PAVE-EL pedestals make the job easier, quicker and affordable. Elevating, levelling and uniformly spacing your pavers, porcelain or other surface materials while protecting the substrates in waterproofed installations, PAVE-EL Pedestals are making it easy to build in previously unthinkable places.


Eterno Ivica Pedestal System

The Eterno Ivica Pedestal System makes it easy to build your dream outdoor living space, even in places previously considered unthinkable. Employable in a variety of applications, Eterno Ivica Pedestal Systems can help you to address the most challenging situations from uneven surfaces to sloped roofs. Eterno Pedestal Systems include self-levelling heads available in a range of heights to address any uneven surface problems you might face and can be brought in to tackle issues encountered in projects already underway, as well as new builds. Weather-resistant and tough enough to support any surface covering you desire, even heavy stone, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System will help you get the job done with ease.


Bison Pedestal System

Thanks to the Bison Pedestal System, you’ll find it easy to create beautiful rooftop environments. From its outstanding design flexibility to its incredible versatility, the Bison Pedestal System provides everything you need to quickly install rooftop decks without causing damage to your expensive roofing system below. Install it over top of any structural surface, from rooftops to around the pool or any other space where sophisticated, commercial-grade decking is desired. Durable, weather-resistant and long-lasting, it can support a variety of surface materials, opening a world of design opportunities. Providing smart and creative solutions, Bison helps you create memorable spaces while adding architectural charm to your outdoor projects.


Uptec Pedestal System

Installing a floating floor has never been so easy when you choose the Uptec Pedestal System for your outdoor raised flooring project. Consisting of only three elements, the Uptec Pedestal System is both simple and straightforward, helping you to overcome the challenges of inclined surfaces issues with ease. Now, with the help of the versatile Uptec Pedestal System, you can create unique wherever raised floors are wanted, even on a sloped surface. Use this strong and durable system around the pool, for raised outdoor floors or when building patios and decks, and top it with your favourite surface covering, even natural stone or ceramic tile.